Study abroad?

Welcome to my blog! 🙂

During 2013-2014 I studied abroad at Green River College (GAP Year Auburn to Hawaii). It was the best year of my life!

Read all about it in my previous posts.




A few months later..

I got a C on the test and I have already moved out of my apartment. So much has happen since last time I wrote! I passed all exams and managed to finish my first year of school without any re-exams. At the end of the semester this year I applied for a job and I got it! So no more school for me! And I have also moved closer to my work to a place called Surte (about 15 minutes from Gothenburg).

I miss America and sometimes I think that I should go back. Maybe not to Hawaii or Auburn but to some new place. I haven’t travelled for over a year! I could not afford when I studied so the student life in Sweden wasn’t for me at all! But hopefully I can save some money now when I work so I can go on another adventure soon 🙂


Halloween, 8 hours of study and a new apartment

Just finished an 8 hours assignment!! Finally! A hole day to write the answers to two questions, it will be easy I thought. I will finish it in 4 hours and then I can go home. But no! It took 8 hours!! I’m so glad that it’s over!!

I don’t want to think about any philosophers, individual rights or the state of nature ever again!! I really hope I will pass the test, or else it’s a re-exam in December..

But some good news too: I signed the contract for my new apartment yesterday! I will move on December 15 and I will live just a 3 minutes walk from the school! That’s perfect!! I can’t wait until I get my keys! I will post pictures as soon as I move!

Until then I will post some pictures from the Halloween weekend 🙂



I started at the top!

So the first week in school I was like “what is the teacher talking about?”. I didn’t understand anything!! But after a while I started to understand some basic ideas of development, the industrial revolution and how we consume our recourses.

And after a lot of studying I finally understood the big picture of what the teacher was talking about. I did well on the first test and apparently I did good on the hand in assignment too, because I found out today that I got an A! 🙂

I’m so happy about the result but I also feel the pressure to keep up my grades in all the other courses now. As one girl said today: I can’t go up from here, I can only go down..
But I like to think of it this way: I started at the top and hopefully I will stay here 🙂

And if I don’t I will not feel bad. Because my goal is to pass all the courses, any grade above pass are only a bonus. And this class we have now is really interesting. So even if I don’t get an A, at least I enjoyed it.

School is finally done for this week and now I’m going to enjoy the weekend. Happy weekend to you all!

Winter is coming

It’s getting cold! I miss the nice weather in Hawaii.. But I really like my course, I have change my mind about political philosophy. It’s interesting and I really like the teacher. He speaks very good English and he doesn’t use power points. I like that a lot! 🙂

We’re going to have a seminar on Friday and we have to hand in a paper to. But it’s only one page so it’s not so difficult.

Last week I found out that I can use my courses from America into my program here! So I don’t have to go to school during the fifth semester! 🙂 But I think I’m going to use that semester to do an internship. The question is were I should do the internship.. Any tips?? 🙂

I know nothing about political philosophy

My first course at University West is finished. We had our last test last Friday and I think I passed 🙂

I really love the people in my class, the school and the city. But I really think the course was difficult. I hope I will be able to pass the next one!

We’re starting a new course on Monday about political philosophy. And I know nothing about political philosophy! What is that??

Sometimes I really miss the school in Auburn and the school in Honolulu. The classes I had there were way easier than these ones! And the weather was better 🙂 It’s so cold in the mornings here now..

I’m going to look for an apartment in Trollhättan next week. It would be really nice to live closer to the school so I don’t have to spend two hours in the car every day. Specially when the winter is coming! Speaking of winter is coming: I’m going to watch some Game of Thrones episodes now 🙂


A again!

I got an A on my first test!! I’m happy, but maybe not for long. More assignments and a presentation is due on Friday! And I’m really struggling with this one. I don’t understand what I should write about and I have to write 2 pages.

And even if I can figure out a way to write 2 pages I don’t think I will be able to talk about it in front of the class for five minutes. And I procrastinate! I should be writing but instead I’m writing on my blog.. And play wordfeud. I also check Instagram and Facebook all the time..

Keep your fingers crossed on Friday, I’m going to need it! 🙂