My 200 post!!

Sometimes it feels like it was only yesterday I was planning on leaving for America. But a year goes by so fast.. I wish I could turn back the time and do my study abroad year all over again!
I really had the time of my life! I miss all the friends I met and all the awesome places I have seen. But I guess all good things must come to an end.

This summer I have really tried to figure out what I want to do next. But I still don’t know!

But I have decided to go back to school anyway. Maybe I will love it or maybe I won’t. Time will tell.

200 posts!! I hope you all have enjoyed them, I sure have!


Another Rock festival

My sister and I went to a Rock festival yesterday. Not at all like Sweden Rock Festival but it was fun.

Im soooo tired and bored today. And I miss America. It was never boring there! Always something to do and things to see.

Maybe I will feel better if I get my own apartment. It’s nice to live at my mums place but I really want my own place so I can do whatever I want. But where should I live?
I don’t think I want an apartment here in this small town. But I have to live somewhere so my cats can be outside. I really have to try to figure it out!



I’m back!! :)

I had a wonderful weekend on the east coast! It was sooooo nice to meet everyone! My best friend and her wonderful family, people at work and my friends. And the weather was wonderful!

Since I got back home I have been keeping busy with preparations for the summer cafe. I didn’t think it would be so much work! I have to bake some more cookies tomorrow and after that I should be done.

My wonderful friend made all this on her cute daughters baptism :)



To the east coast!

I’m going to take the train to the east coast tomorrow and hang out with my friend and her cute daughter :) Coming back home on Sunday or Monday. It will be nice with some time of!

I have been helping out at my mums place this week. And my sister and I went to Uddevalla yesterday and did some shopping :)

Nothing else exciting has happened this week.. But I saw this weird animal this morning, anyone know what that is??


One picture in Gothenburg!

Went to visit my friend in Gothenburg this weekend. And I only took one picture! And it was the picture of these berries that we made jam of :)

But I had so much fun! I love that place!

When I got back home today we visited my aunt and we got delicious food and a delicious cake! I think I gained 2 kg this weekend from all the beer, food and candy :D

Gym and work tomorrow and on Thursday I’m going to visit Strängnäs :)


Baking, is it really my thing?

Tried to do some cupcakes and brownies yesterday. They didn’t look so nice but they tasted delicious! But the time it takes to bake something.. I get restless when things take so long time!

I got a question from a student at GRCC today if I will come back in the fall. I really don’t know! Do I want to study abroad again or should I study in Sweden.. That’s the question. And I still don’t know the answer yet!

But I will keep busy until I know! Hanging out with friends and family. And try to bake :)