I started at the top!

So the first week in school I was like “what is the teacher talking about?”. I didn’t understand anything!! But after a while I started to understand some basic ideas of development, the industrial revolution and how we consume our recourses.

And after a lot of studying I finally understood the big picture of what the teacher was talking about. I did well on the first test and apparently I did good on the hand in assignment too, because I found out today that I got an A! :)

I’m so happy about the result but I also feel the pressure to keep up my grades in all the other courses now. As one girl said today: I can’t go up from here, I can only go down..
But I like to think of it this way: I started at the top and hopefully I will stay here :)

And if I don’t I will not feel bad. Because my goal is to pass all the courses, any grade above pass are only a bonus. And this class we have now is really interesting. So even if I don’t get an A, at least I enjoyed it.

School is finally done for this week and now I’m going to enjoy the weekend. Happy weekend to you all!

Winter is coming

It’s getting cold! I miss the nice weather in Hawaii.. But I really like my course, I have change my mind about political philosophy. It’s interesting and I really like the teacher. He speaks very good English and he doesn’t use power points. I like that a lot! :)

We’re going to have a seminar on Friday and we have to hand in a paper to. But it’s only one page so it’s not so difficult.

Last week I found out that I can use my courses from America into my program here! So I don’t have to go to school during the fifth semester! :) But I think I’m going to use that semester to do an internship. The question is were I should do the internship.. Any tips?? :)

I know nothing about political philosophy

My first course at University West is finished. We had our last test last Friday and I think I passed :)

I really love the people in my class, the school and the city. But I really think the course was difficult. I hope I will be able to pass the next one!

We’re starting a new course on Monday about political philosophy. And I know nothing about political philosophy! What is that??

Sometimes I really miss the school in Auburn and the school in Honolulu. The classes I had there were way easier than these ones! And the weather was better :) It’s so cold in the mornings here now..

I’m going to look for an apartment in Trollhättan next week. It would be really nice to live closer to the school so I don’t have to spend two hours in the car every day. Specially when the winter is coming! Speaking of winter is coming: I’m going to watch some Game of Thrones episodes now :)


A again!

I got an A on my first test!! I’m happy, but maybe not for long. More assignments and a presentation is due on Friday! And I’m really struggling with this one. I don’t understand what I should write about and I have to write 2 pages.

And even if I can figure out a way to write 2 pages I don’t think I will be able to talk about it in front of the class for five minutes. And I procrastinate! I should be writing but instead I’m writing on my blog.. And play wordfeud. I also check Instagram and Facebook all the time..

Keep your fingers crossed on Friday, I’m going to need it! :)

So far so good

We had our first exam last Friday. I was so nervous!! I didn’t know what to expect from the test at all. But so far so good.

We are starting a new chapter in the course now with a different teacher. And today I found out that we have two online assignments, a written paper and a presentation due on Friday! I’m going to be busy!

If you want to see my week in pictures you can follow university_west on Instagram this week :)

New adventures!

I finally decided what I want to do! After a long summer and a lot of thinking I finally decided to go back to school. Not in America but in Sweden.

International politics and economy! That is the name of the program.
I’m studying at University West in Trollhättan. The school is nice and I have already met some really nice friends!

And this program allows student to study one semester abroad! So maybe I will be back in America (or some other country)! I’m excited!

But it seems like a difficult program and everything is in English, but I will really try to make it work! I mean it’s always good to know about politics, geography and the world economy, right?? I’m going to keep you updated!

The picture is from the park right by the school :) Today were going to have a dinner for all the new students, so I’m off to meet my friends now.