That’s how many days I have been in America. And it’s only 37 days until I go home!

My sisters are still here :) We went to beautiful Hanauma Bay yesterday. It was really nice to snorkel and see all the fish! I wish I had an underwater camera so I could take pictures of them.

After we had dinner at my birthday last Saturday I went to Rum fire and Arnold’s with some friends. And on Sunday I went with my sisters to Aloha Tower and Ala Moana Shopping center. I bought a jacket and my sister bought clothes and shoes.

I have my long day in school today and I have a presentation at 2 pm. Wish me luck! :)

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Shark cage, SUP and maze

What a day it was yesterday!! :) It was me and my twin sisters birthday (Swedish time). We went with the bus to Haleiwa North Shore. We did Stand Up Paddleboard on a river and saw HUGE sea turtles.

After that we went with Sharkencounters on a 15 minutes boat ride about 3 miles outside the coast. The wave were so big, it was crazy! We got into a shark cage and saw two different kinds of big sharks right outside the cage! Crazy!!

We also went to Dole plantation after and walked around in the worlds largest maze (year 2008)!

It was a fabulous day that I never will forget!! Today is my birthday Hawaii-time, so we are going out for dinner tonight!

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Long time ago!

My sisters are coming today!! I’m so excited! :) :) It has been a fun and busy weekend! I have been doing a lot of school work, went on a party bus, celebrated a friends birthday and now I’m off to a yoga session :)

I haven’t been blogging for a while, sorry for that! But I wanted to finish as much as possible before my visitors are coming today :)

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Ocean, pool and key lime pie

Yesterday morning I went to the beach and took some more pictures for my photo class. The time was only 10 am when I came back home so I decided to go back to the beach again. I swam in the ocean and spend an hour at the beach (that’s the max time my skin can handle) :)

I went to my class at 2 and I almost finished my vessel project in jewelry class! I hope I will be done at Monday before the last project start.

I had a spicy Ahi Poke Bowl at our sushi place when I got home. Soooooo delicious!!! It was almost like one BIG piece of sushi :) I also went with my friends to CPK and had a key lime pie for dessert.

I went in the pool for a swim when we got home. I can’t understand why I haven’t spend every evening in the pool! It’s so nice and calm to take a swim before going to bed!

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Frozen x2

Another day in beautiful Hawaii :) I’m waiting on bus number 2 to take me to my dance class.

I can’t believe that I’m writing this: but it’s cold here today and I’m freezing! This is my first day wearing pants to school. I guess it’s not cold like Sweden cold, but cold for being Hawaii ;)

Yesterday I went to school and did some homework. I also saw the movie Frozen, I loved it! What a great movie, I can highly recommend it :)

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